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If you wan’t to get a really great upper body workout you don’t need to go to the gym or spend a lot of money buying weights. The fact is weight is weight and it doesn’t have to be covered in neoprene to be useful for getting in shape. Almost all of us have a backpack laying around so put it to use by packing it with some books or anything of weight around you and start shaping and strengthening your upper body. Doing any of my other 31 day challenges? The challenge fits perfectly with any of the other plans. You can check them out here - 

Lower Body Program

Abdominal Program 

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when you feel like you’re going thru intense hardship that’s gonna break you, remember some of the world’s most beautiful and sacred places were carved by some pretty crazy strong forces that broke them into pieces and wore them down—glaciers, rivers, etc. whatever today’s glaciers may be, remember you’re gonna emerge out of it sacred and beautiful too! :)

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